Bäckerei Zimmermann


The Zimmermann Bakery in 75, Ehrenstrasse has a very special connection with the Ancient Cologne City Wall.

In its cellarvaults there are still remains of the foundations of the "Honorary Gate", which had been laid down there in the eighties of the 19th Century. Caspar Zimmermann, the son of a winegrower, had set out for the City of Cologne in order to learn the baker's trade. In 1885 he bought the new building that had been erected on top of the remains of the City Wall.

Since 1875 he had already been working as a master baker in another baker's trade in lower Ehrenstrasse. When Caspar died at an early age in 1906, 24-year-old Josef, as the eldest of ten children, was to take over the bakery. At this time some of his younger sisters and brothers were to help in the bakery, which also meant to deliver bread and pastries on their way to school. When Josef was called to serve the army in the First World War, his wife ruled over the staff in the bakery. World War II left house and bakery in ruins.

For the time being, in 1948 Josef's son Michael had a temporary house be erected on the old foundations, which was later rebuilt into a completly new house and bakery. With the purchase of an automobile, Zimmermann's Bakery soon could deliver to customers beyond the Cologne City Centre. Michael's son Magnus followed his father's footsteps and so did the grandsons Markus and Andreas by learning the baker's trade.

The family business is proud of and stands by its now 125-year-old tradition. To this day the handwritten traditional recipes of Josef Zimmermann being used for the unique bread and pastries in the Zimmermann Bakery...
Just taste it...