Bäckerei Zimmermann

Von der Hand in den Mund

From advent bread to onion bread, everything is homemade and handmade for you:

This is only a short extract from our range of products:

  • brew house baguette (aromatic-solid)
  • Brioche made by French original recipe
  • Butter loaf
  • buttermilk bread
  • Ciabatta with & without olives
  • German wheat bread fine grounded or rough granulated
  • bread rolls (exclusively made of German wheat flour)
  • French Baguette
  • herbs bread
  • Grahambread and rolls (pure wheat shred and flour)
  • Italian Baguette and white bread (seasonal)
  • Potatoebread
  • tin loaf
  • pan loaf (rye and wheat-wholemeal)
  • currants bread and rolls
  • Grain bread (Rye and wheat wholemeal in a lusty grain mixture)
  • Caraway bread
  • Doubleback (Pure ryebred with lots of sourdough)
  • flaxseed bread
  • Almond loaf
  • Poppy seed and sesame plainted loaf
  • cereals bread
  • cereals french bread
  • Nut bread
  • Toast
  • Brown rolls
  • Raisins bread
  • Brownbread (pure rye-whohemealbread with sourdough and withaout sirup)
  • sunflowers rolls
  • onionbraed
  • and much more...

Furthermore we can offer you a wide range of homemade pastries.


You can also get products that are suitable for lactose-intolerant. We are always happy to advise on our range.

In addition, we also bake kosher, which means, among other things, without milk or milk products. We are under the supervision of the municipal rabbi of Cologne.